MFI 15 Safari


Skala: 1:8
Spännvidd: 1106mm
Vikt: 900 gr
Motor: Axi 2808/24
Batteri: 3S1300 mAh LiPo
R/C: 4 funktioner

Denna byggsats är tillfälligt slut men ritningen finns att beställa.

This is a medium sized scale model with “big” performance. Its layout makes it an interesting model with superb handling qualities, it also has nice proportions for a flying scale model. The MFI 15 Tri-cycle landing gear makes it an ideal first scale model that is both easy to build and easy to fly!

The kit is designed using CAD-technology and most parts are CNC-milled or laser cut for a perfect fit. It is a traditional design using balsa and light plywood which makes it both easy to build and easy to repair if an accident should occur.

This model is recommended as a first true scale project. The kit takes about 40 hours to complete. The MFI 15 has a scale contour and can be built to a very accurate model of the full size